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I'm about to collapse in this hour of darkness. I'm about to give up and the cause of it is this sadness.

Now I realized I took the never ending path of suffering, I'm walking through shadows and fire. I won't be rescued, because of my stupid pride and imaginary nemesis I'd rather kill myself than look over my shoulder, turn my sight to that helpful hand and give up.

Tears are rolling, what a river of desperation and uncertainty I've painted! My weakness is what I've met today! It's just that feeling, terrible one which talks to you and says… you are not enough. It overwhelms me while I'm in doubt of my strong power of will which has now decayed, hasn't it? Still, I believe, I'm trying to keep my head upright; I'm trying to survive and not to let you know I can cry.

Time's up! It was from the very moment I chose between the wide and the narrow road. I took the narrow darken lane, now it's time to fight. This is it! The shot to prove my strength and my value in gold, the chance to show you what an artwork I am! Yeah! I'm talking to you… WORLD!

I'm about to get my courage back in this outburst of bravery! I'm about to realize I was meant to reach the top, to conquer my dreams.

Well, I wrote this because I need to encourage myself since I’ve been having a lack of motivation these days. Now I have a very big challenge in front of me which I have to face: The IB, a really hard and difficult High school level. So please, this piece of motivation is dedicated to all of the IB (victims) students all over the world! Don’t give up!
LuisAceituno Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
tsss en aleman no habias puesto las ultimas lineas :D me llega me llega :) asi es como hay que pensar para sobrevivir psicologicamente al IB xD
alexgamero Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
;) inspiracion :S xD
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October 18, 2009
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